Vivian – Indoor Base for stroller

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Vivian is a delightful young girl, with an undiagnosed medical condition. She recently received a new Bingo supportive stroller through government funding. The MAD Foundation was approached to provide funding for a Hi-low cobra base that allows this stroller to be used inside her home. It means Vivian can sit in an upright position with her head, trunk and pelvis supported, preventing long term deformities and further development of scoliosis. In this position, it allows increased opportunities for Vivian to most effectively use her vision, her hands for play and to engage with her family. Supportive positioning enhances postural control and hence improved stability, which in turn, reduces fatigue and allows for longer periods of interaction and participation in motor opportunities. It has the capacity to be height altered so she can participate in play, learning and daily tasks at varying heights. It can also be height altered during transfers reducing risks to her parents and carers.

Thank you so much to the MAD board for approving the funding for Vivian’s cobra indoor base. Having the base is going to make a huge difference to the family. We’re so grateful!! (Emily, Early Intervention Worker/OT, Department of Education and Training)

Our daughter Vivian is 3.5 years old with complex medical needs. We have recently received the indoor base for Vivian’s Bingo stroller seat. We are so glad because this allows Vivian to have proper support when she sits indoors. Vivian’s life is full of activities such as hydrotherapy, doctors’ appointments, music therapy and more. We were previously having to clean the wheels of her stroller before we would bring it indoors. This is a great time saver for us and really helps with our workload. We are so grateful towards the MAD Foundation for this donation and her previous funding for her Squiggles stander. It is a wonderful feeling in difficult times, to know that we have such tremendous support from our community.

With much gratitude, Vivian’s family.

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