Jovean – interim chair hire, wheelchair, commode

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Jovean is a 7 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy (GMFCS IV)

Jovean, his parents and brother migrated to Australia this year, under a Global Humanitarian Visa.

The family left Iraq in 2014 and were living in Jordan until migrating to Australia as refugees. The family arrived in January 2018 and only speak Arabic.  Both parents are unable to work at present given the language barrier. The family’s current circumstances have resulted in significant financial and emotional hardships.

Their transition to life in Melbourne, has had the added stresses of Jovean’s medical appointments, hospitalisation and high care needs. Without prescribed supportive equipment, the RCH was unable to ensure his wellbeing and safe discharge from the hospital. This equipment essential to Jovean’s care could not be sourced through government funding in an appropriate amount of time.

The MAD Foundation was able to fund immediate interim wheelchair hire and funds to purchase the prescribed wheelchair and a K Care Shower Commode.

That’s fantastic!!! Thanks so much!

I will speak to the family to update them on your fantastic news. We will continue to keep you updated on his welfare.

Thanks again! We really appreciate MAD Foundation’s support for Jovean. (Be, Social Worker VPRS at RCH)

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