Here at MAD, not only do we strive to Make A Difference in the community, but we do this in a different way. MAD has developed a unique funding model whereby we “bridge the gap” in funding between the cost of the equipment or service requested and the amount of funding available from government sources. Without MAD’s support, many of these requests would not be possible as the cost involved is significant. The MAD Foundation has raised in excess of $1.8 Million dollars since its inception, assisting disadvantaged children and youth in the community since 2001.

Thanks to the continuing relationship between MAD and the Department of Developmental Medicine, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and other associated organisations, MAD has been able to provide a number of children with equipment, facilities, therapy services and personal care that would otherwise not be affordable.

Here are a few of the many thank-you’s MAD receives. Each situation is different and as you can see, your generosity has truly Made A Difference to the lives of these children and their families.

Omar – Home Dental Care

Throughout this pandemic, some health care for our most vulnerable children has been difficult. Families have an obvious concern of Covid risks in attending regular, essential health care. Due to [...]

Eason – Second Skin

Eason was admitted to the Royal Children’s Hospital after illness resulted in a spinal cord injury and lower and upper limb dysfunction. MAD Foundation was notified of Eason’s rehabilitation [...]

Cove – My Way Walker

Bright, smiley 3 year old Cove is learning to stand and walk again. After suffering a severe brain injury during an accident, Cove lost ability to sit, crawl, stand or walk on his own. It has [...]

Siris – Car Seat

Siris is an 8 year old boy with cerebral palsy, visual impairment and intellectual disability. Siris is the eldest of 4 children, in a family undergoing difficult circumstances & recent [...]


Sophie is a five year old girl who was born with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, an intellectual disability leaving her non-verbal, hyperactive and unable to navigate her environment rationally or [...]

Laura – Firefly Splashy seat

Laura is a sweet 2 year old girl who loves music, Peppa Pig and Bananas in Pyjamas. Laura loves it when other people engage with her, particularly when they are speaking or singing to her. Laura [...]

Jahleel – P Pod

Jahleel is a beautiful 2 yr old boy, whom we had the pleasure of meeting at our recent 2018 RCH MAD Foundation Morning Tea. Jahleel has a rare metabolic condition (AADC) that has left him with [...]

Nelle – Wheelchair

Nelle is a happy 4 year old girl who enjoys time with her older sister, watching her dog and giggling at push and pull toys. Nelle has a diagnosis of Cohen Syndrome, an extremely rare inherited [...]

Skyla – Wheelchair

Skyla is an eight year old girl with a diagnosis of severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Due to her cerebral palsy, Skyla has no ability to move or reposition her body or limbs and is dependent on [...]

Kaspar – Standing Frame

Kaspar is a 12 year old boy with complex medical and disability needs, that include cerebral palsy, dystonia (involuntary muscle control) epilepsy and cortical visual impairment. Kaspar requires [...]

Oliver – Shower Commode

Oliver is a 14 year-old young man with a cervical spinal cord injury, resulting in paraplegia, lung disease, neurogenic bowel and bladder, and scoliosis, under the care of many medical teams at [...]

Caleb – Ceiling Hoist

Caleb is 14 years old and has complex medical and disability needs including: chronic lung disease, undiagnosed neurodegenerative disease, global developmental delay, metabolic disorder, [...]

Aizan – Ceiling Hoist

  Aizan is a two year old boy born with severe X linked myotubular myopathy, that results in severe muscle weakness that required a tracheostomy for ventilation and he relies on PEG [...]

Jordan – Wheelchair Hire

The MAD Foundation was approached by a Special Development School in Geelong seeking funding for a student in urgent need of wheelchair hire. Jordan is a 12 year old boy, with cerebral palsy, [...]

Mitchell – Car Seat

Mitchell is a 2 year old boy, born prematurely with Cerebal Palsy and complex medical needs. In his short life, Mitchell has already undergone several surgeries including brain surgery. Mitchell [...]

Maggie – Specialised Bed

Maggie is a 6 year old girl with a diagnosis of Coffin-Siris Syndrome, which affects several systems in her body and has resulted in significant intellectual disability and behavioural problems.  [...]

Archie and his new trike

Here at MAD Foundation HQ we receive many heart warming thank-you’s from parents of children we have supported. Every situation is unique. The amount can be large ($10,000+) or small [...]

Sam – Access Ramp

Hello I am Sam’s mum, Cathy, and we were fortunate to receive some very generous funding for a ramp from the Making A Difference Foundation. The ramp is now finished and almost fully [...]

Archie – Bicycle

Hi MAD Foundation You kindly funded a bicycle from Body Cycles for my son, Archie, which we received in December 2015.  Given it was so close to Christmas I decided to make it a Christmas present [...]

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