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The culture at MAD is integral to the way we operate.

The Board, our volunteers, ambassadors and most importantly our beneficiaries all know what it means and how it feels to be part of the MAD family.

These six principles guide us in our mission to make a difference



The MAD Foundation is run entirely by volunteers. We aim to keep costs low and maximise the pass-through of funding in support of beneficiaries.



The spirit of the MAD foundation is truly alive and inspires generosity, participation and fun while helping those who are in need.



MAD works directly to bring fast and accessible funding support for equipment and services for disabled and disadvantaged children and young people.



MAD collaborates closely with an inclusive and expanding network of partners to raise funds in support of its objective.



Since the beginnings of the Foundation in 2000 the team of volunteers at MAD have personally committed to make a difference to the lives of our beneficiaries.



The board of MAD is committed to absolute integrity in the governance of the foundation and in the fulfillment of its purpose.

MAD 2021 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report cover

Over its 20 year journey the MAD Foundation has supported hundreds of beneficiaries directly with over $1.9m of equipment and services. MAD is run entirely by volunteers and administration expenses are kept low at 1% of revenue to maximise the funding for beneficiaries.

MAD will continue to operate on 100% voluntary basis, with no salaries, no paid offices, no overheads and lowest admin costs possible. To achieve that MAD depends on the goodwill and support of many and we are lucky to have such amazing people alongside us. Only with you by our side is MAD able to do what is does the WAY it needs to be done.


The MAD Foundation has raised in excess of $1.8 Million since 2001. Here are some of our latest stories:


MAD has funded programs through TLC for Kids, Reach, Whitelion and Western Chances. In recent years the majority of funding has been directed to specific cases identified through the Department of Developmental Medicine at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, plus other hospitals, disability programs and charities.

The Department of Neurodevelopment and Disability provides care for children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, autism spectrum disorders, acquired neurological disabilities, developmental delay and other developmental disabilities. These children require numerous pieces of equipment, therapy and respite over the course of their life.

A volunteer run organisation, MAD leads by example and encourages other people and groups to make a difference in their community by coming together to help those less fortunate.

Over the years MAD has funded the purchase of wheelchairs, hoists and slings, therapeutic beds, bathroom modifications, car seats and home seating systems, walking frames, communication and voice output devices, second skin garments and rehabilitation sessions.

MAD has also funded iPads, gym memberships, theratogs, and paid for personal care attendants.

With the help of sponsors, donors and supporters, MAD Foundation will continue to Inspire, Connect and Make A Difference.


MAD is fortunate to have the support of a number of well-known individuals who represent our organisation in their role as Ambassadors. They act as champions and advocates for MAD and help support and spread the message of MAD in their community.


MAD NextGen allows the next generation MAD supporters to actively engage with peers and make a real difference in the lives of disadvantaged children and young people


Established in 2001 by a group of lifelong friends and their families, the MAD Foundation aims to make a difference to hundreds of families every year by funding life-changing support equipment and services they otherwise could not afford.

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