Jahleel – P Pod

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Jahleel is a beautiful 2 yr old boy, whom we had the pleasure of meeting at our recent 2018 RCH MAD Foundation Morning Tea. Jahleel has a rare metabolic condition (AADC) that has left him with quadriplegia and other serious medical conditions. We learnt from Jahleel’s mother, how his new P Pod chair, funded by The MAD Foundation, was making a difference to their lives.

The P Pod is a very new piece of equipment to Australia, almost beanbag like, which is extremely light, portable and compact but still safe and with a very supportive moulding and harness. For this family, it is ideal as it can be moved anywhere in their apartment very easily, including by Jahleel’s big brother. It makes transfers from pram to pod easy, easing lifting by his carers. It also means Jahleel can be secure, safe and upright for long periods of time and be included in family life. For Jahleel, it has the benefit of being soft and comfortable and allows him to nestle, an alternative to the consistent need for cuddling to soothe him.

The family was thrilled to hear this news, and I also passed on your well wishes.  (Claire, Social Worker, Royal Children’s Hospital)

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