Thon – Supported seating and therapeutic toys

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Thon was born 14 weeks early last year. He weighed just 496g at birth and is at a very high risk of Cerebral Palsy. He has significant issues with his movement, posture and feeding.

Thon lives with his parents and his six older siblings. The family suffer financial hardship and find themselves in the difficult situation where language barriers make the process of getting an NDIS plan for Thon much slower. Unfortunately, Thon’s development was suffering in the meantime and there was an urgent need for him to be safely supported to ensure sufficient nutritional intake.

With many more months to wait until equipment is provided under a NDIS plan, MAD has stepped in to help. Thon looks content in his disability specific seating and is enjoying a range of age appropriate, therapeutic toys to encourage development.

To all the wonderful people at MAD,

Here are some photos of little Thon, who you supported with the provision of supportive seating and therapeutic toys.  His parents (and his therapy team!!) are very grateful.  He is now sitting beautifully and is in a much better position than he has been able to be in before this point of time.  This will make a huge difference to his therapy and to how easily his parents are able to care for him at home.  His parents said to say thank you very much!

(Vanessa, Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service, Eastern Health)

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