Heath – Physiotherapy and occupational therapy

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Heath was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy SMA, a condition where muscles involved in movement progressively weaken, (including muscles for swallowing and breathing). This is a horrible disease, where many children have a short life expectancy.

Heath’s family moved to Australia to access the drug Spinraza, a life saving medication for SMA children. This treatment was unavailable to Heath in NZ.

Heath needs treatments 3-4 times a year. The treatment stops the death of motor neurons for short periods, which means there is a window in which physiotherapy and occupational therapy can achieve the best outcomes.

MAD Foundation has covered the costs of physiotherapy and occupational therapy for Heath this past 6 months. This intervention has shown tremendous gains for Heath. His family’s joy of seeing Heath start school this year and whiz around the playground in his chair, with his new mates, is immeasurable.

The comparison between life before treatment and now is night and day.

As he takes off into the school gate each morning, with no kiss goodbye because he needs to find his friends, we really realise and appreciate, Heath’s life is more “typical” than we could have ever imagined. (Heath’s Mum)

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