In Thank yous

Sophie is a five year old girl who was born with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, an intellectual disability leaving her non-verbal, hyperactive and unable to navigate her environment rationally or physically. The MAD Foundation funded a specialised stroller so that Sophie can safely be out in the community with her family.

One of Sophie’s first adventures in her new stroller, was to the Essendon Football Club to meet our MAD ambassador Michael Hurley!

“Firstly, thank you ever so much Andrea and the MAD foundation for funding Sophie’s Cricket stroller.  I cannot express in words, just how grateful we are and extremely excited for Sophie to start using the stroller and be able to go out on lots of adventures.”

“Leaving the house was extremely hard prior to having the stroller. She can now be comfortable in her chair, she can get out and about and explore the community. The new stroller alllows Sophie to enjoy activities with friends that she was previously unable to. At her kindergarten they have a program where they go down to the creek and explore the environment. Without the stroller she was unable to go with her class, but now she can be a part of that activity, so it’s really special,”

“Sophie is such a delightful young girl who has taught everyone around her so much about life and values of a smile!”

“Theodore and I are looking forward to supporting the MAD Foundation wherever we can to thank you for this wonderful donation to our daughter.”

(Alison, Sophie’s mother)

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