Liana and Kustom Kruisers together at the RCH

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In May 2019 the Kustom Kruisers classic car and bike club raised over $4000 to support Liana, a sweet four year old girl, with a rare genetic condition (beta-propeller protein-associated neurodegeneration) that presents similarly to cerebral palsy with processing and communication challenges.

Today at the Royal Children’s Hospital, the Kustom Kruisers team joined the MAD Foundation at our annual morning tea that the Royal Children’s Hospital where Liana and her family came to participate in the celebration of the great work done by the therapists, specialists and doctors from the RCH. It was wonderful to see Liana enjoying being part of the event and to have the family and the Kustom Kruisers team together again.

Like most families that have a child with physical disabilities and additional needs, Liana’s family faces huge financial strains. The MAD Foundation is extremely proud to have connected Liana and her family with such a generous community organisation. Every day this family, like many others, are faced with many challenges but receiving assistance from a group like Kustom Kruisers makes the bad days a little easier to get through.

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