Hurls checks in on Sophie at the RCH

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MAD Foundation Ambassador and all around great guy Michael Hurley gave up his morning to spend time with the beneficiaries of the MAD Foundation. Hurls has been a huge contributor to the work of the MAD team, helping MAD make a difference in the lives of so many disabled and disadvantaged children and young people over many years of involvement.

Earlier in the year Michael Hurley helped change the life of six-year-old Sophie Halacas and her family, presenting Sophie with a specialised stroller. Sophie was born with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, an intellectual disability leaving her non-verbal, hyperactive and unable to navigate her environment rationally or physically. Michael, Sophie and the family had the chance to reconnect on Friday at the Morning Tea and see how Sophie was progressing.

The Morning Tea at the Royal Children’s Hospital really is a special event and the smiles of the faces of the children speak volumes for the fantastic work done by the staff at the RCH.

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