Siris – Car Seat

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Siris is an 8 year old boy with cerebral palsy, visual impairment and intellectual disability.

Siris is the eldest of 4 children, in a family undergoing difficult circumstances & recent relocation. Their situation saw Siris without equipment and no means for purchase and ineligible for NDIS due to residency status.

Some repurposed equipment was accessed to meet Siris’ urgent needs but this is not possible for a car restraint, given the safety regulations.

Complex Care Hub at RCH approached MAD for funding for a new Carrot 3000 Car Seat. Siris requires this specialised car seat due to his poor head, neck, and postural control.

Siris’ mother Kay is so grateful for the funding that the MAD foundation have provided for this car seat, as it has been a difficult journey for them being unable to access the NDIS. Your funding support has enabled Siris to travel safely and comfortably with his family which is so important.

Thank you from all of us (at Complex Care Hub)

Erin, Occupational Therapist

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