Hudson – Prescribed Supportive Equipment

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Hudson is a cute, one year old boy. In December 2019, Hudson was admitted to RCH, with a diagnosis of Transverse Myelitis, which resulted in spinal injury, paralysis of legs and bowel and bladder dysfunction.

The Royal Children’s Hospital contacted MAD for financial assistance, so Hudson could be discharged from hospital. Getting Hudson back home to his family quickly was important during this time of emotional and financial difficulty for Hudson’s mother and her other child to care for.

MAD was able to facilitate quick delivery of the prescribed supportive equipment, when there was no time for lengthy delays with funding applications for multiple items.

MAD funded a Leckey activity system, corner seat and tumble form wedge to ensure Hudson’s safety and ability to access developmentally appropriate opportunities. MAD also funded a new more appropriate car seat.

“I don’t know what I would have done without the MAD Foundation who assisted us greatly when Hudson left hospital after a 5 week stay and a diagnosis of Transverse Myelitis. The car seat has been amazing, Hudson is comfortable and we are able to get him from A to B easily, especially with the amount of appointments he has, and the chairs have given him the ability to be able to sit up and play with his toys with his brother and cousins.

In the early days when I was learning how to do Hudson’s physiotherapy and how he needed to be handled, it helps keep him in the correct position and ensures I am doing everything correctly. It’s so easy to pull apart and put together when we could visit other people we would take it with us and set it up so he was able to interact and play with other kids so he was involved and felt included.

The MAD Foundation took a massive stress off my back in the early days of our new, unexpected life. Hudson is doing quite well, he has since turned one, he’s unable to sit or stand but he commando crawls and finds his own way of getting into everything! He is such a happy baby who doesn’t let anything stand in his way.”

(Natalie, Mum)

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