Lily – Wheelchair for secure seating during IV treatment

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Lily is a 15 year old girl, adopted from Korea by her parents.

Lily has autism and an intellectual disability and is non-verbal. Lily unfortunately developed a chronic kidney condition which is treatment resistant. This means treatment every two weeks for a full day of IV infusion, where she must be securely seated and not move around. Lily finds this very distressing and it was very challenging to keep her entertained and safe.

Funding from the government hit roadblocks despite advocacy and appeal, as Lily can walk at other times. Her parents unable to work due to Lily’s high care needs, had a greatly reduced income and could not afford this wheelchair themselves.

A specialised wheelchair, funded by MAD, meant Lily can now move around the hospital and gardens safely with her infusion running.

She can be safely seated but mobile, which means she is calm and occupied. The specialised wheelchair has also enhanced Lily’s participation in the greater community, as it allows her parents to safely take her out and not be concerned about her poor awareness of danger.

We can’t thank you enough for funding Lily’s new cruiser!
She absolutely loves it and it has already made a huge difference to our day at the RCH Day Medical Unit.
Many many thanks

(Lily’s mother)


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