Jaxon – Items supporting a safe return from hospital

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Jaxon was referred to the MAD Foundation by a social worker at Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.  A new, paraplegic, post a severe and sudden neurological condition. This spinal cord injury resulted in complete lower limb paralysis, bowel and bladder dysfunction and sensory deficit. Prior to this Jaxon was an active little boy, in his first year of school, who loved sports and playing with his twin brother and two siblings.

Life changed dramatically and suddenly for this family. Jaxon’s parents took time off work to stay with him in hospital and begin the difficult time of planning to care and prepare for life ahead with massive changes and a very limited income. The family were separated for two months, while other siblings were in the care of extended family.

MAD was able to mitigate the family’s significant emotional and financial distress with prompt funding. Funding for the purchase of essential equipment Jaxon needed for daily, safe living and fullness of life. Equipment that meant Jaxon could be quickly and safely discharged from hospital and be back together as a family.

The items funded included: a wheelchair, pressure cushion, standing frame, slide board, commode, pressure relieving mattress, bath transfer bench, portable ramp and interim hire costs.

In many circumstances, as this case illustrates, families cannot wait for government funding of equipment.

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