Sebastian – Sensory Aids and Swing

 In Thank yous

Sebastian is a 14 year old boy who has a diagnosis of Autism with a very unstable emotional state. He attends a Special Development School where his mood is closely monitored and many strategies are put in place to assist Sebastian to manage his emotions and return to a calm state when anxiety levels rise. MAD Foundation has funded the purchase of urgently required sensory aids, a weighted blanket and pod swing, that help Sebastian employ these calming strategies in his home environment as well. These aids help him relax, think clearly and make better behavioural choices. They will also greatly assist his family, already under the strains of other children with complex needs, his mother with a significant vision impairment and father working difficult hours.

Thank you so much for the support; The family are very appreciative; these items will make a significant difference in Seb’s life.

I meet with the family today; They received the pod chair today and it was wonderful to see the excitement on Seb’s face
(Pattrina, Intergrated Family Services Leader, Mpower)

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