Maggie – Specialised Bed

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Maggie is a 6 year old girl with a diagnosis of Coffin-Siris Syndrome, which affects several systems in her body and has resulted in significant intellectual disability and behavioural problems.  Maggie is managed by many different medical teams and has had multiple admissions to both The Royal Children’s Hospital and the Monash Children’s Hospital due to her medical complexity.

Maggie can no longer receive nutrition into her stomach and now receives intravenous feeds (TPN) overnight. The TPN feeds have significantly improved her energy levels and quality of life, however she now needs to be cared for in a bed that provides containment to ensure her safety while feeding tubes are attached. The MAD Foundation has been able to provide Maggie with a new specialised bed that allows her to perceive the world around her while providing protection and security. This means Maggie will no longer need to stay overnight in hospital and she can settle back into her family home.

This is fantastic news!! Thank you so much, the family will be very appreciate and grateful for your support.

(Stacey, Maggie’s Social Worker, Royal Children’s Hospital)

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