Oliver – Flamingo Shower Chair

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Oliver is a 4 year old boy with Down Syndrome, acute myeloid leukaemia, spinal instability issues, a heart condition, difficulty swallowing and hearing loss.

Oliver has recently been fitted with a second skin neurological brace to support his severe low muscle tone, develop core strength and head control, all skills that regressed during his time in a halo brace for earlier treatment.

Despite Oliver’s tumultuous start to life, he is alert and interested in the world around him. He is very motivated to communicate and especially loves listening to The Wiggles.

The biggest challenge that Oliver and his family are currently facing is his bathing.  It is currently a two person job, with Mum having to get into the bath in her “bathing outfit” and another adult carer required to carry Oliver in and out.  This causes an extreme amount of stress for Oliver, as his extraneous movements and limited gross motor skills make him challenging to hold. This is dangerous and also a physical and emotional stress for the carers.

The MAD Foundation has funded the $6071.00 purchase of a Flamingo shower chair that will allow Oliver to be safely showered, with enjoyment and engagement with his parents. Everyone can now enjoy bathtime and know that he is safe while reducing the physical and emotional stress in the home every day.

This is the best news, thank you so much.  This is going to make such a difference to Oliver and his family!! I’ve just rung his mum to let her know the good news and she is beside herself with happiness. 

(Diane, Oliver’s Occupational Therapist & Early Intervention Worker)

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