Justin – Power Wheelchair

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The MAD Foundation funded a power wheelchair for Justin, a 16 year old boy who underwent four limb amputations (both legs and both arms) secondary to severe sepsis in the setting of cyclic neutropenia in 2015. Justin has undergone significant rehabilitation to try to learn to walk again using prosthetic legs, bionic arms and crutches and is having to learn how to do everything for himself again. While Justin has received extensive training in use of his bionic arms, everyday tasks are still a real challenge and he requires ongoing assistance with most tasks, as well as ongoing rehab and modifications to his home, school and community environments.

Justin’s walking is limited and he fatigues easily when walking, so he is only able to walk within the home environment. He often has technical difficulties with his bionic arms and they need to be sent overseas for repair. When this occurs he is unable to walk and relies fully on a power wheelchair. Even when his bionic hands are functioning, he requires a power wheelchair to enable him to get to school and access his community. He often uses his chair within the home as well. Justin has lost a lot of his independence since his amputations, but having a power wheelchair can immensely increase his independence and quality of life.

Justin did not have a safe wheelchair to use. His previous wheelchair did not have adequate suspension, which is important for Justin due to ongoing severe pressure areas on his coccyx. It also didn’t have the power to safely go up and down the driveway at his school. It was also not suitable to travel in a car/taxi which limited his ability to go on school excursions or trips with the family with his wheelchair.

Justin desperately required a new wheelchair. The family were not eligible for top up funding through SWEP, and it was not in the family’s financial means to be able to afford the gap.

The MAD Foundation approved the funding to cover the gap for the wheelchair- $11,346.00.

On hearing the news, Justin’s Occupational therapist wrote to MAD…

This is such wonderful news! Thank you so much!

I just rang Justin’s mum to let her know and she was so incredibly appreciative of the support- she was very emotional.

Please pass on our sincere thanks to MAD Foundation- this will make such a difference for Justin and his family.

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