Poppy – Electric Change Table

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Poppy is a 5 year old girl in 4 year old kinder, born with a severe form of Spina Bifida. Poppy has lower limb paralysis that prevents her from walking. She uses a wheelchair for mobility and is unable to assist in transfers and requires maximal assistance. At kinder, Poppy currently uses a standard (non-adjustable) baby change table which requires two person assistance to attend to her catheterization needs. As Poppy is growing and nearing her transition into Prep, this will no longer suffice.  Poppy is learning how to perform slide board transfers from her wheelchair and will need an adjustable change table moved down to the lowest setting. This will eliminate the need for her carers to lift her and eliminate the cost of two teacher’s aides. The MAD Foundation has supplied a fully adjustable electric change table that will allow Poppy’s at school aides, to attend to her personal care in a safe manner and with some degree of independence and dignity for Poppy.

Having a child with special needs means parents have to incur many extra expenses. Poppy’s parents have had to pay out of pocket for several pieces of equipment, modifications to make their home wheelchair accessible and an extra teachers aide’s wages.

This is a great news for my team! Please accept my sincere thank you J for this great help! I’m so pleased to hear this has been approved, especially so quickly.

This piece of equipment sponsored by MAD foundation is truly going to Make A Difference in Poppy‘s school life! (Radhika, Poppy’s Keyworker/Occupational Therapist)

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