Kayvan – Physiotherapy and occupational therapy

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This is the heart warming story of Kayvan, told by Kayvan himself. (With a little help from his parents.)

Hello there!

This is Kayvan you are hearing from. Today I am going to tell you a short story about my family. I am the only child of my fabulous parents. I needed to meet them early so I decided to come at 24 weeks in Mercy for Women’s hospital and later transferred to RCH as I became a bit complicated. I was so excited to see the world, but I was so tiny, like 500 grams, that I ended up having so many scary surgeries. For that my team of doctors and kind nurses chose to keep me for 9 and half months in RCH with them. So, I call it my second home now. I am thriving but late to crawl and walk so I need continuous help and support from physiotherapists and occupational therapists. I believe they will help me to enjoy my life independently which I will love. 

Now come to my incredible parents, they love this country so much that they are staying here for about 9 years without permanent residency. So, everything is so expensive to manage with my dad’s income only. My mum always thinks she is blessed to have me in her life, despite the fact that she has been so sick and has gone through a couple of surgeries after I came into this world…and now she needs help like me from the physiotherapist as she struggles to look after me. 

So, this is my story, as I am a bit behind compared to other kids, however I want to do all the naughty stuff and enjoy this beautiful world on my own feet that other kids of my age are doing. I am not jealous, but I am curious to know how it feels to crawl and run. With your kind support and help of physiotherapists and occupational therapists I believe I can catch up with them very soon.

I have a little surprise for you. I have asked my parents to send you my photo where I pose and smile for you. 

MAD is currently funding regular, early intervention therapies for Kayvan. His family can not access support for these therapies elsewhere. The goals they have for Kayvan include crawling for mobility, transitioning from floor to standing, standing for play, feeding himself independently and interacting with peers. Everyone is thrilled with his progress so far.

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