Ella – Portable oxygen concentrator, therapy and hospital bed

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Our gorgeous, energetic poster girl Ella! For those of you at MAD Ball 2023, you may have seen our “belle of the ball”, enchanting everyone.

Ella has a unique, life-threatening heart condition. Currently, there is no procedure to cure her condition. Very early on in her life she was given a poor prognosis but she has exceeded that substantially. As a result of her heart condition, she has had periods of loss of oxygen which have caused her some developmental delays and a need for therapy and expensive equipment.

Ella was born in Australia, but her parents are from New Zealand and as such the family are not eligible for NDIS. This means it is difficult for the family to afford to meet all her needs. Having the privilege of getting to know this family, it is amazing to see how incredibly hard both parents work to give Ella all she needs. They are lucky to be backed by wonderful family support from grandparents, who have moved their lives to assist Ella.

Life for Ella’s family can be hard but it is all about making the most of each day and creating the best possible experiences for Ella with her family.

MAD offered funding support to ensure a quality of life for Ella and her family and to support her ongoing development.

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