Willow – Wheelchair

 In Thank yous

The wonderful team at RCH introduced MAD Foundation to the beautiful 9 year old Willow. Willow has various medical conditions, including cerebral palsy, and was in desperate need of a new wheelchair. Willow’s family are unable to access Centrelink due to their residency status and they have no other support networks in Australia, as all relatives live overseas. It was  already extremely difficult for the family to pay for Willow’s daily medication and care and the significant cost of a new wheelchair was adding to the family’s financial and emotional stress.

The funding from MAD Foundation for a new, appropriate wheelchair has greatly increased Willow’s quality of life and decreased the burden on her family. It has provided Willow with comfort, support and optimal positioning to maximise participation and engagement across all areas of her life.

To the MAD foundation I would like to give you a huge thankyou for your time and support in helping us fund our wheelchair for our li’l princess Willow. This new wheelchair will help us in terms of her growth and comfortability. We are extremely happy and appreciate all your help. Thanks for all of your incredible work!” ” (Willow’s mum)

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