Abrish – Wheelchair

 In Thank yous

Beautiful, six years old, Abrish is thriving in her brand new wheelchair. Abrish lives with cerebral palsy and her new chair allows her greater access to the community and participation in all learning opportunities now she is at school.

“Thank you, MAD Foundation, for funding the chair for lovely Abrish and her family….the chair has been crucial for Abrish to explore and participate in her environment – at home and at school. Having the wheelchair means she can practise getting in/out of her chair to be more independent to explore and play with peers. The wheelchair also ensures her communication device can now also be set-up on the wheelchair so Abrish can communicate and express her needs and wants just like everyone else. The chair will go a long way to support Abrish to develop and work towards her gross motor skills and her independence.” (Sania, VPRS)

“We just want to say thanks for your efforts and for the wheelchair. Abrish is very happy and active too. Abrish likes feeling more independent and wants to sit and come off from the chair by herself. No one can touch her!” (Abrish’s father)

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