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Kaspar is a 12 year old boy with complex medical and disability needs, that include cerebral palsy, dystonia (involuntary muscle control) epilepsy and cortical visual impairment. Kaspar requires a wheelchair for all mobility and a fully supported standing frame to allow him the opportunities to engage in school and social situations with others. Kaspar’s current standing frame is second hand (requiring a phone book to help keep it upright!) is now unsafe.

Kaspar’s needs have placed significant financial burden on the family. The family have exhausted all available funds through Kaspar’s Individual Support Package to pay for medical related expenses, equipment and repairs. His family is now considering taking funding away from their allocated respite hours, to ensure they can continue to provide Kaspar with all the equipment that allows him to have the best quality of life and ensures he is able to be safely cared for. Respite care however is crucial in allowing his parents periods of rest, to ensure they can provide optimal care for Kaspar and invest energy towards their two other children.

The MAD Foundation has provided funds for a new standing frame for Kaspar to ensure his safety, ability to engage and can ease the family’s financial stresses.

Thank you so much for your email, that is absolutely amazing news. I just contacted the family to let them know and understandably they were over the moon and so thankful, as this is going to make such a difference for Kaspar and the family as a whole.

Tamar, Social Worker

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