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Mia is a 15 mth old girl, the youngest of four children.  She has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, microcephaly, epilepsy and vision impairment. From a postural and developmental perspective Mia has complex needs. She requires maximum support around her hips, trunk and head for all positions and uses a specialised seating system to help support her in an upright position for play, interaction and feeding. Mia continues to have seizures and will sometimes have them in the car. Since moving to a forward-facing car seat Mia cannot hold her head in an upright position. During car trips, her head falls forward when awake or asleep and her parents rely on their other children to hold her head in an upright position. The family rely on their car a great deal to attend medical appointments for Mia as well as transporting their other children to school, day care, extra curricular activities and for general family outings. Mia is in the car on a daily basis and her parents have become increasingly concerned about her safety and the risks associated with transporting her with her head in the current position.

The family recently trialed the specialized Carrot Car Seat which provides the appropriate postural support to keep Mia in a safe and comfortable position during car trips.

MAD Foundation has provided funding of $1096.00 for this Carrot Car Seat that will be fitted to a swivel base, so that Mia can be safe and secure in her family car.


That is AMAZING. The family are so thrilled and relieved. Thank you so much.

Danni (Occupational Therapist)

I just wanted to share some photos of Mia Peric in her new car seat. The received the car seat just prior to Christmas. The family are relieved and so happy. They have 4 children and do lots of running around, so being able to safely transport her in the car was so important to them. Please pass on our biggest thanks to the rest of your team.  Many thanks.

Danni (Occupational Therapist)

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