Skyla – Wheelchair

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Skyla is an eight year old girl with a diagnosis of severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Due to her cerebral palsy, Skyla has no ability to move or reposition her body or limbs and is dependent on a wheelchair for all mobility. She has extremely limited ability to communicate her needs and she is dependent on her mother for all care. Despite this, Skyla attempts to engage through eye contact and smiles.

Skyla and her mother have been in challenging social circumstances in recent years, in addition to the struggles of meeting day to day financial aspects of Skyla’s high care needs, such as accessing transport to attend medical appointments. They do not have capacity to contribute to the purchase of expensive equipment such as a wheelchair.

Skyla’s current wheelchair does not provide effective postural support or comfort.  It causes her pain and at times they are housebound, as she cannot tolerate sitting in the wheelchair.

Skyla’s rehabilitation team at Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, have recommended a wheelchair that provides adequate support for her trunk and head to maintain an upright position. The MAD Foundation was able to cover the SWEP funding gap to ensure Skyla receives her new wheelchair as soon as possible, ensuring her comfort, community engagement and quality of life.

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