Jack – Specialised chair, bath seat and stander at #MADball19

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Jack is 16 months old, full of laughter and smiles! An engaging little boy that enjoys interacting with his family and is eager to play. He is confident in his decisions and his blonde hair and blue eyes melt hearts everywhere.

Jack was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy at 5 months old. From this moment, his parents became determined to give him every chance to reach his full potential.

Eight months after diagnosis, at an urgent time in his development, Jack remained on a wait list for funding. In this time, Jack’s parents have been paying out of pocket, for Jack’s therapies and equipment. This coupled with reducing their work hours, to care for Jack, has been difficult.

Jack is in desperate need of 3 essential items. The wait list is too long to wait without these supports. This equipment is essential for Jack’s development and safety and also for the well being of his parents and carers.

Jack needs:

Specialised Chair – A chair that will support Jack in a position where he can sit at a table. This will avoid the current difficulties in feeding and only in this position can he learn to chew. It means opportunities to sit at a table, to use his hands to reach and grasp, to play and be eye level with others. An adjustable base means he can be lowered to floor level for developmental play with his peers. Cost: $7785.00

Bath Seat – A safe bath seat is urgent as Jack grows and bath time has become very difficult for his parents. Cost: $510.00

Stander – Jack needs a standing frame to enable him to stand and put weight through his hips. This will help him learn what being upright feels like and provide another position for Jack to learn and play in with toys and his family. Standing in an appropriately supported position is also important to facilitate the development of Jack’s hip joints, as standing is important for the healthy development of any child’s hip joints. Children with CP like Jack are at risk of poor hip joint development due to their limited ability to stand without appropriate supports such as a standing frame. Cost: $6405.00

On Monday 4 November 2019 at #MADball19, one of the MAD Foundation’s wonderful supporters bid without hesitation to fund the $14,700 required to help care for Jack and keep him on track to develop and reach his potential. On behalf of Jack’s family, the MAD Foundation wishes to give our thanks and appreciation for the generosity and heart of our wonderful donor!

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