Ke’Dy – Walking frame

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Ke’Dy is a 3 year old little girl who has been diagnosed with bilateral spastic cerebral palsy. This disorder affects coordination and control of motor function and thus her ability to stand and walk. Without equipment, she is only able to crawl to move around the home on the floor.

Ke’Dy had a walker on a hire trial, which allowed her to walk and explore her environment. She could go to the park, shopping and library. Unfortunately this walker had to be funded by the parents as their NDIS application had not been processed and they had to return it. Ke’Dy’s parents both don’t work and rely on Centrelink payments and paying for the ongoing hire of this walker was too difficult. MAD Foundation provided Ke’Dy with a new Nimbo Posterior Posture Junior walker of her own.

Ke’Dy’s ability to build up the strength in her legs was significantly impacted during the time without the walker. She reverted to struggling to stand. Now Ke’Dy is benefiting from her new walker and further physiotherapy sessions with the Royal Children’s Hospital Rehabilitation team. Ke’Dy is working towards her goals of being able to independently move around with the aim of attending kindergarten next year. The walker has significantly improved Ke’Dy’s quality of life and participation in daily activities within the house, community and with family.

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