Aarohi – Standing frame, stroller and shower chair

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I genuinely wanted to thank MAD Foundation for their enormous help by funding for Aarohi’s equipment. Because of your funding, Aarohi was able to get a Standing Frame, a fully customised Stroller with indoor and outdoor bases and a shower chair. This equipment was very expensive and absolutely out of our budget. We have been waiting for funding from NDIS for over a year and then MAD extended their help with open arms.

This equipment has been crucial in managing my daughter’s condition who suffers from various symptoms of Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia- a neurological disorder that affects gross motor skills, delayed developments, severe dystonia. As a result, she cannot crawl, sit, move around or use her arms and legs for any activities.

She used to either sit on her high chair in reclined position or lie down most of the time. With the help of standing frame, her balance and posture improved. She was able to stand and look around, as a result her focus and vision started developing. She could socialise better because of better eye-to-eye contact. She started using her hands to support and balance while standing.

The stroller with indoor and outdoor base gave her better transportation mode. Since she had better back support and posture, her swallowing improved. This was a big advantage in feeding her and her health improved. The shower chair made my job easier in her daily needs as it did not strain my back.

These all were small improvements but they were significant for us as a positive step towards better health and care for Aarohi. And so we cannot express in words how grateful we are towards MAD and everyone who works there. I sincerely congratulate entire family of MAD Foundation on this day and wish that you continue to touch many families like ours in need with your generosity. I am glad to share some photos of Aarohi on her standing frame and just being a happy child.

Thank you once again.


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