Henry – Hi/Lo activity chair

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Most 11 year old boys love to play Nintendo! For Henry, gaming offers the benefits of play and social interaction with others, when there are many other leisure activities he cannot participate in. In his new supportive, activity chair, Henry can maintain the postural balance needed for his independence in daily upper body activities like eating and drinking, writing, brushing his teeth and his love of gaming.

Henry is working hard at walking short distances with his wheeled walker and foot orthoses but he needs this chair for crucial support to prevent scoliosis. It also provides better conversation and connection with others at meal times and in many other activities.

To the wonderful team at MAD.

“You can see from the big smile on Henry’s face the difference it has made to him.  He is now able to engage in fun and creative play while sitting in a chair that keeps him safe and well supported.   He even appears to have colour coordinated his ipad case to the chair!” (Henry’s Mum)

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