Naksh – Stroller, bath seat and stander

 In Thank yous

Over the past year MAD Foundation has offered substantial support to 2 year old Naksh. After suffering seizures at 3 months of age, there are significant delays to his development, including inability to eat, drink and communicate. Naksh now has many needs for expensive equipment with no other funding support available due to their Visa status. The specialised stroller and bath seat have gratefully made daily living activities much easier for Naksh and his parents.

More recently MAD has funded equipment to support his walking and standing needs, which provides many physiological and social benefits.

“Thank you for your help. Having the stroller and bath seat has made caring for Naksh easier and the stroller has made getting out in the community less stressful. I can now bathe Naksh by myself. We are so grateful for the equipment we have received. Thank you, Naksh, Mum and Dad”

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