Charlie – Portable safety bed

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MAD Foundation has recently assisted sweet 8 year old Charlie and his family by funding a Safe Sleeper travel bed. The bed is portable and compact and is safe and protective for Charlie’s seizure and respiratory issues. It allows access for his personal care and his medical and feeding equipment.

Charlie’s Mum has expressed her gratitude on behalf of their whole family for this equipment.

“I am writing to express our thanks to the MAD Foundation in approving the Safety Sleeper bed for our little Charlie.

Going on holidays can be quite difficult with Charlie. Having somewhere for Charlie to sleep safely when away is a challenge; this often means we tend to stay home as it is easier. As we have two daughters too, we often experience guilt as they then miss out on the joy of holidays due to the difficulties of travelling with a brother with a disability. 

We’ve just returned home from a few days away. We had the most wonderful time and it was just what we all needed!

Knowing that Charlie was safe whilst sleeping was so reassuring for us. It was easy to tend to his seizures throughout the night too. It was lovely seeing his sisters climb into bed with Charlie for snuggles in the morning as well!

Due to the fact that the bed is compact enough to fit in a suitcase, we won’t have to take 2 cars on family trips now. We can hit the road as a family! 

We are honoured that the MAD foundation chose to support our beautiful little boy in accessing such a brilliant piece of equipment! Thank you so very much!”

(Charlie’s Mum)

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