Gitty – Supportive Car Seat

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Gitty is a gorgeous four year old girl with Autism, severe global developmental delay and epilepsy. She has no verbal communication and has just recently learnt to walk. Gitty is still able to attend a special needs kinder and a mainstream kinder, which she enjoys.

Gitty had outgrown her car seat. Due to Gitty’s physical needs and sometimes challenging behaviours, an off the shelf booster seat would not provide enough support to keep Gitty safe in the car.

Specialised seating like this is expensive and regular government funding would only fund a very small portion of the cost, with an extensive wait time. The MAD Foundation was able to fund a new Carrot Car Seat in a matter of weeks. It provides postural support, a folding foot plate to assist with transfers and growth plates that mean it will last her many years into the future. Very importantly, it has given her family confidence that she is comfortable and safe.

This is so amazing and will make a huge difference for Gitty and her family. The MAD Foundation is such an amazing support for families and children with additional needs. Thank you so much. Kylie, Psychologist & Early Intervention and Lauren, Early Intervention and Occupational Therapist, Noah’s Ark.

Gitty’s car seat has arrived and she is loving it as you can see.  It is definitely providing great support and she is more relaxed and happy.  Miriam (mother)

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