Fatima – Custom wheelchair and car seat

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12 year old Fatima was new to Australia when she presented to RCH. She had no proper seating or wheelchair and staff were very concerned for her immediate need for essential equipment. Fatima was completely dependent on family to carry her everywhere with great risk of injury and unable to attend school. Although NDIS should eventually meet her requirements, it is a lengthy process and Fatima’s needs were urgent. MAD quickly funded over $17000.00 for an appropriate fitted car seat and custom wheelchair.

It was wonderful to receive this report and photo from RCH.

The family are so excited to have a chair to take Fatima to the park in! They were very excited that the chair has a sun shade and will be able to be used outside and in different weather conditions. It will also facilitate Fatima going to school which she has recently started and really enjoys.

When Fatima came to the hospital for her wheelchair fitting appointment there were lots of smiles and laughs! She loves her new chair!

Thank you again for all your support and assistance with this process – both the clinicians involved in Fatima’s care, and Fatima and her family, are very appreciative of the donation and assistance that was provided.”

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