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Seven year old Charlie and his family have been through a lot dealing with his brain tumour, including the difficulties of limb weakness and communication post surgery.

With the dedication of his family and intensive therapy he is now walking again with a walking frame and is back to attending school. However, due to the severity of his brain injury and ongoing medical needs, he is likely to need a wheelchair for distances into the foreseeable future. Charlie has a wheelchair funded by NDIS but it is not always suitable to access the environments that Charlie and his family like to visit. The xRover, funded by MAD, is an incredible piece of equipment that allows accessibility to more environments and brings the whole family joy!

MAD feels very strongly that all children should be able to participate and access all areas in our community and sometimes the words of thanks from our families sum it all up beautifully.

Dear Andrea,

Just a quick email to say a massive thank you to MAD Foundation from the bottom of our hearts for Charlie’s xRover!

We took it away with us last week and Charlie absolutely LOVED it! (As did the rest of the family!). It was so great not to have to worry about how Charlie would be able to access normally inaccessible places for him in his wheelchair or for him to miss out altogether visiting places he previously loved to go. To see the smiles on his face and the joy this new piece of equipment has brought back into his life truly means the world to us all!

Kindest Regards

Charlie’s family

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