Arielle – Trike and Stroller

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Arielle’s diagnosis means she is delayed in all areas of her development. She needs support for sitting and standing. As Arielle grew, a new stroller was needed for physical support, safety and to assist with her access to the community. A trike was also requested to offer Arielle social and participation opportunities and an activity she can share with other children her own age with assistance. Bike riding also has long term strength benefits and is a lifelong, enjoyable activity for children and adults with disability.

Like many families, Arielle and her mother have been affected by COVID19 restrictions and job losses. Arielle is unable to use mainstream items, such as a standard trike and stroller, that would be affordable to the family. The additional cost of special needs equipment is such that her mother was unable to afford to purchase equipment that suited Arielle’s current or future needs. Arielle is an NDIS participant but funding for a specialised equipment is sometimes denied when seen as a duplication of supports. Both pieces of similar, existing equipment in the home were deemed inappropriate and awkward by therapists.

I am SO grateful that MAD has funded both the trike and the stroller. We use the stroller all the time and couldn’t live without it now. So thank you!!!

We have used the trike a few times and want to use it more, just haven’t had a lot of opportunity.

Thank you for funding these pieces of equipment for Arielle and giving her an opportunity to be out and about, comfortably and happy in the community.

(Arielle’s Mother)

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