Sean Lynch was born 3 months premature and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy 8 weeks later. He is unable to walk, read or write and has been under the care of the Royal Children’s Hospital from birth.

Sean lives with his dad Chris in Melbourne and together share a keen interest in following football and horse racing. Sean has undergone 18 surgeries since his birth in 1998, with the most recent in 2015 to insert a Baclofen pump to help control spasticity. After the surgery, the Royal Children’s Hospital suggested that Sean would benefit hugely from the use of a motorised movement therapy device which would exercise and mobilise Sean’s legs, arms and upper body. But as a single parent, Chris was unable to afford the $10,000 for a Motomed.

The Royal Children’s Hospital referred Sean and Chris to the MAD Foundation for support. The MAD Foundation promptly reviewed the application and, thanks to the generosity of its sponsors and donors, was able to fund 100% of the device. Sean and Chris were both overwhelmed with the way in which the MAD Foundation came to their assistance that they have since volunteered their time as ambassadors of the foundation.

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