MAD beneficiary morning tea at the RCH

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The MAD Foundation beneficiary morning tea was held on Thursday 27 September 2018 in the Parkville Café at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

The morning tea brought together MAD Foundation supporters, staff from the Royal Children’s Hospital, some of our beneficiaries and their families and revealed the life-changing impact that MAD can deliver.

MAD Foundation ambassadors Michael Hurley and Marc and Jessie Murphy joined the volunteers of the MAD Foundation to thanks the team at the Royal Children’s Hospital for the great work that they are doing for the beneficiaries of the foundation.

Our supporters told us what a terrific event it was and how special it was to meet the beneficiaries and their families in person. There are some real characters among the children and young people we support. They are wonderful company and really appreciate meeting those contributing to the great work of the MAD Foundation.

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