Abel – Wheelchair and physiotherapy

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MAD first heard Abel’s story in December 2021.  A 13 year old boy desperate to get home to his family for Christmas, after spending nearly 6 months in hospital with little family contact, all through the restrictions of Covid-19. Abel was recovering from a diagnosis of Guillain-Barre syndrome, a condition that left him with paralysis resulting in quadriplegia, including the need for breathing support. Prior to this illness, Abel was an extremely active boy, who loved playing cricket and was motivated to do well academically.

With extensive inpatient rehabilitation at Monash Children’s Hospital Abel worked so very hard and remained incredibly motivated but he needed many supports to allow him to go home. MAD’s quick approval of funding for equipment meant he made it home for Christmas and since that time, MAD has continued to fund therapy and equipment that has resulted in his significant progress. Monash staff suggest that Abel would not have achieved such great progress, since he left the hospital, without the generous support of MAD. It has really helped him excel.

I’m delighted to report that Abel is now back at school full time and has recently started to use his walker less. We have continued to work on his endurance and strength, and are now focusing on his goals around returning to sport and maximising his involvement in activities with his friends (bike riding etc).

The funding that MAD provided at the end of last year allowed Abel to get home from hospital earlier than would have otherwise been possible and also that meant he was home with his family for Christmas. The electric wheelchair that MAD funded allowed Abel to be independent with his mobility while he continued to work with his physiotherapists on his goal of walking. This allowed Abel to return to school without needing assistance from an adult. MAD also funded equipment for the bathroom which made it possible for him to be safe at home on discharge. 

MAD provided funding for ongoing physiotherapy sessions where Abel has continued to work extremely hard and has recently started walking with a walking frame which was a very exciting achievement for Abel and his family. 

The funding Abel received from MAD was essential in supporting him to get home from hospital, increasing his independence and supporting him to reach his goal of being able to walk again. This also significantly reduced the financial burden on the family through a very challenging time in their lives.  (Staff @Monash Children’s Hospital)

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