Tiffany – Specialised Equipment

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Sweet little Tiffany had unfortunate significant seizure activity at 5 months of age.

This resulted in brain damage that requires full support for all personal care and mobility. Her heartbroken parents are dedicated to providing her the best care, despite real financial hardship.

Tiffany’s parents are both on student visas, which means no NDIS or other government support. They were unable to afford all the equipment Tiffany desperately needed and had already taken out loans to fund therapists and paediatricians. They were very distressed by their inability to fund these items themselves and were struggling with basics while wanting to help their daughter.

MAD was informed of these saddening circumstances through the Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service at Monash Children’s Hospital and we were able to fund a number of items, essential for Tiffany’s safe care and development.

Stroller – $14,087
Standing frame – $8,407
Bath Seat – $850
Specialised toys – $2,000
Total: $25,344

This touching thankyou note from Tiffany’s mother, deserves to be shared with all of YOU who support MAD. You have Made A Difference.


Dear MAD Foundation,

Today I have just received my daughter’s support package approval letter, so I am writing this letter to thank the MAD organisation for supporting my daughter with the necessary equipment for her rehabilitation.
It has been a tough time for my family and I appreciate the wholehearted help from the doctors, nurses, and your organisation that have supported me with your practical actions and kindness. Words are not enough to express my happiness and gratitude. I’ll never forget all that we received from your organisation.

Thank you so much

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