Jasmin – Second Skin Body Splint

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MAD Foundation learnt of Jasmin in 2012 through a letter we received from her occupational therapist. Jasmin is a delightful 7 year-old girl who has severe cerebral palsy. She lives at home with her parents and older brother. Last year Jasmin had a considerable growth spurt. To you and me that means buying new clothes and shoes, but for Jasmin and her family it means purchasing a lot of new and expensive equipment that can amount to thousands of dollars. At the top of Jasmin’s wish-list of new equipment required was a “Second Skin body splint”. Thanks to the generous supporters of the MAD Foundation, we have been able to fund the purchase of a new “Second Skin body splint” for Jasmin. This highly specialized suit is individually designed, measured and fitted for Jasmin. The splint will provide stability to her pelvis, trunk and shoulders, which will improve her ability to sit upright. It will promote normal patterns of movement in her legs whilst she is assisted in walking, and in her arms and shoulders to assist in reaching and grasping. It will also ease some of the burden on her carers as she will be able to assist somewhat in transfers.

Dear MAD
A very big ‘thank you’ to you and MAD for funding Jasmin’s much needed second skin.
Very much appreciated!
Here is a photo of Jasmin.
Many thanks
Claudia (Jasmin’s mum)

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