Michael* – Autism Management Support

 In Thank yous

MAD funded the $8,600 required for a Melbourne family to send their nearly 8 year old son Michael*, with severe neurodisability, to an excellent advisory and behaviour management service for a month.  This service is called Mansfield Autism Service, and it will help Michael with toilet training and behaviour management strategies which will in turn improve his quality of life, and the life of his family.  *Name has been changed.

This note was sent to MAD from the family paediatrician:

When MAD staff contacted me to say “YES”  to my latest request, the speed and generosity (the sum of money required was large) of the agreement was overwhelming. I rang the child’s mum immediately and we both had tears rolling down our faces. A great day in my job!

MAD Foundation has funded equipment, programs and interventions for 5 of my patients, in situations where no other source of funding could be found. The generosity of MAD and its donors is remarkable and truly makes an enormous difference to both the children and their carers. Perhaps they should be called MAED!

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