Ezra – Power Assisted Wheelchair

 In Thank yous

Ezra is a social, funny, 13 year old boy. Ezra’s goal is to be as independent as possible and to continue participating in his beloved rugby and basketball.

Ezra has Bruck Syndrome, which causes bone fragility and fixed joints impacting his ability to walk and perform daily living activities. Ezra was in desperate need of a new wheelchair as his attendant propelled wheelchair was too small and restricted all independence. He is ineligible to access NDIS funding due to citizenship and his family did not have the capacity to purchase a new wheelchair.

MAD Foundation was able to fund a life changing, power assisted, wheelchair costing over $28 000.00.  This wheelchair has supports to increase Ezra’s range of movement and prevent tipping and the huge benefit of being able to propel himself. This means he has age- appropriate independence and a great boost in confidence.

There were tears and many, many thankyous from the family on delivery of Ezra’s new chair. This is a life-changing wheelchair for Ezra and his family. (Phillipa, Occupational Therapist)

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