Ace – Caribou Standing Frame

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Ace is a 6 yr old boy, originally diagnosed around 9 months with a very rare genetic disorder called Aicardi Goutieres Syndrome (AGS). Ace is one of only 120 in the world to have this degenerative neurological disorder. It affects Ace’s movement and intellect by calcifying parts of his brain. He has a visual impairment and complex communication needs. Ace’s parents are determined to give him the best chance at life that they can. Together with the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre and their early invention team they have dedicated themselves to Ace’s therapy. The progress Ace has made in the 5 years they have attended the centre is phenomenal.

Ace is off to mainstream school next year, an anxious and exciting time for Ace and his parents. For a successful transistion to Prep, Ace requires a Standing Frame. A standing frame will assist Ace achieve his goals for next year which include independent feeding, improvement and stamina in a walker and the independent use of his wheelchair. This equipment is instrumental in assisting Ace’s independence, interaction with his peers and staff and inclusiveness. MAD Foundation was able to donate $4206 towards a Caribou Standing Frame for Ace.

That is the best news!
I have tears in my eyes in response to your foundations generosity!
This means so much to us as a family and to Ace and his transition to school.
I cannot thank you enough. Ace and the whole family.
(Bianca, Ace’s mother)

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