Jordan – Wheelchair Hire

 In Thank yous

The MAD Foundation was approached by a Special Development School in Geelong seeking funding for a student in urgent need of wheelchair hire. Jordan is a 12 year old boy, with cerebral palsy, requiring a highly supportive wheelchair, for his mobility around home, school and in the community. Jordan also travels in his wheelchair to and from school on the school bus. Jordan received his current wheelchair at 5 years old. Understandably, Jordan has outgrown his wheelchair and it does not offer the support he requires to keep him comfortable and safe. In particular, his feet drag on the ground when he is being propelled, placing him at risk of injury and discomfort.

Without access to an appropriate wheelchair Jordan will be unable to attend medical appointments or access the community with his family or attend school. Jordan’s family does not have the capacity to meet the cost of a replacement wheelchair and his school community recognizes his dependence on this equipment and his vunerability due to the severity of his disability.

Until Jordan’s NDIS support provides him a modification or replacement wheelchair, The MAD Foundation will fund the fitting, delivery and hire cost of a specialized wheelchair for Jordan.

Thank you so much. I’m very excited for Jordan and the difference this will make for him. (Sonya, Wellbeing Support Officer)

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