The 19th Annual MAD Foundation Ball held on Melbourne Cup Eve, Monday 4th November 2019 at the Plaza Ballroom, Regent Theatre Melbourne was a night of magic and love. It was an evening filled with joy and warmth, as people came together to support a worthy cause.

The atmosphere was electric, and everyone was excited to contribute to the fundraising efforts. With the support of sponsors, partners, and donors, MAD raised over $275,000 in 2019. This incredible amount of money will help the MAD Foundation continue to provide much-needed support to dozens of beneficiaries in 2020, in consultation with the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and their other partners.

The night was not just about raising funds but also about creating a meaningful connection with others. Guests enjoyed the entertainment, the delightful cuisine, and the opportunity to make new friends. It was a perfect balance of philanthropy and enjoyment.

The highlight of the night was witnessing the generosity of everyone in attendance, coming together to help those in need. The spirit of giving was palpable, and it filled the hearts of everyone in the room with a sense of warmth and hope.

Overall, the 19th Annual MAD Foundation Ball was a truly heartwarming event, where people came together to create a better world for others. It was a night that will be remembered for its magic, love, and kindness.

#MADBall19 in the ballroom

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