Kustom Kruisers shows off for Liana

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Kustom Kruisers is a family orientated Classic Car and Bike club with a proud history in support of causes such as MND (Motor Neurons disease) Prostate cancer and Breast cancer. Kustom Kruisers recently organised a Classic Car and Motorbike show at the Reggio Calabria Club, nominating the MAD Foundation as their charity.

Together Kustom Kruisers and MAD raised money to support Liana, a sweet four year old girl, with a rare genetic condition (beta-propeller protein-associated neurodegeneration) that presents similarly to cerebral palsy with processing and communication challenges.

Like most families that have a child with physical disabilities and additional needs, there are huge financial strains. Specialised equipment is extremely expensive and families often have a single income, as one parent needs to be home, as a full-time carer and to attend medical appointments and hospital stays. Government funding can have extensive delays and is often restrictive. Liana’s family find themselves in this situation. They try very hard to self-fund many of the therapies and equipment Liana requires, but it is a struggle. Every day this family, like many others, are faced with challenges but receiving assistance from generous community organisations, like Kustom Kruisers, it makes the bad days a little easier to get through.

Kustom Kruisers raised the funds to purchase a specialised stroller which enables Liana to move around her environment, to access her home, kinder and wider community settings. Her low muscle tone and weakness is already developing a curvature in her spine.  The specialised seating within the customised stroller assists her to maintain a symmetrical, upright posture in sitting and without the risk of compromising her airway. The Cricket Stroller meets all these requirements and aids Liana’s carers during transfers and can be tilted for rest as Liana fatigues through the day.

Thanks Kustom Kruisers. Your incredible support is valued and appreciated by this family and The MAD Foundation.

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