Kustom Kruisers steps in for Charlie

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Our sincere thanks to you and everyone at Kustom Kruisers for your fantastic fundraising efforts and ongoing support for MAD Foundation. Thank you in particular, for your most recent, generous pledge. This will go a long way towards an important piece of equipment for a very special little boy.

Charlie is a sweet 8 year old boy with physical and cognitive difficulties, including epilepsy. Charlie is completely reliant on round the clock care from his parents. Kustom Kruisers recent car show fundraiser and MAD have funded a Safe Sleeper travel bed that is portable and compact, costing $11741.00. It is safe and protective for Charlie’s seizure and respiratory issues and allows access for personal care and medical and feeding equipment.

Charlie’s Mum has expressed her gratitude on behalf of their whole family for this equipment.

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