Michael Hurley has been a MAD Foundation Ambassador for over five years, raising tens of thousands of dollars for MAD in his most recent shearing. With a penchant for outlandish hairstyles, ‘Hurls’ beard and dreadlocks have both been put to the chop in the name of helping the many beneficiaries of the MAD Foundation.

“I have done a bit of stuff with the MAD Foundation over the last few years. There was no plan behind the beard –I didn’t shave for a while and then there was no point to shave it off. But it’s a pretty average beard, it wasn’t too hard to decide.”

Michael is a professional AFL player with the Essendon Football Club, establishing himself as a leading defender in the completion. The MAD foundation is very grateful for Hurls’ support and that of the Essendon football community.

Michael Hurley News

Hurley’s special gift

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Hurley’s Beard Off

Michael Hurley has a thing for outlandish hairstyles. First it was his dreadlocks, but now in his year away from the game, the Essendon defender has cultivated an impressive and luscious beard. [...]

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