Aizan – Ceiling Hoist

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Aizan is a two year old boy born with severe X linked myotubular myopathy, that results in severe muscle weakness that required a tracheostomy for ventilation and he relies on PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) tube feeding. Aizan’s complex medical needs require 24 hour care and are physically and emotionally demanding for his mum and carers.  Aizan’s mum is a single mother to Aizan and his 12 yr old brother. As primary carer she is unable to work and relies on welfare payments.

Aizan is currently being lifted for all transfers in his life, in and out of hospital bed, specialized pram, bath chair and gravity chair. As he grows, Aizan’s carers will no longer be able to lift Aizan, due to “no lift” policies. This would significantly and detrimentally affect the nature of care the carers could give Aizan, placing even greater burden of care on his mum.

A ceiling hoist is essential in the bedroom and bathroom, to enable Aizan to be transferred safely while minimizing manual handling burden on Aizan’s mother and carers, and optimizing the full potential of respite shifts that his mother so heavily depends upon.

MAD Foundation was able to fund the gap amount of $7703.50 after SWEP (Statewide Equipment Program) contribution.


This is fantastic news!!! Thank you so much! Myself and I know the family are so very, very grateful.

 Amber (Social Worker RCH )

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